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Scheduling solutions for media and broadcast



Scheduling Solutions for Transmission Management

Let us help you concentrate on your big picture. We simplify the management of your complex environment and all its moving parts, such as bandwidth, media-centric services and operations. Our smart technology will find time in your business where previously there was none.

LINK helps to avoid potential problems such as restricted availability, equipment incompatibility, antenna port and look-angle conflicts, single and dual-path polarity conflicts, insufficient setup / move time and exceeded bandwidth capacity.


  • Bandwidth capacity management
  • Antenna, satellite and fiber, IRDs, truck and personnel control
  • Automated or manually guided selection of transmission paths, transponder channels and associated equipment
  • Dynamic visual display of transmission paths and transponder bandplans
  • Transmission validation via pre-defined technical feed parameters
  • Fully-integrated accounting tools
  • Event-based alerts and notifications

How it works

By leveraging the optional ScheduALL Chorus™ interoperability platform, LINK provides a two-way interface to third-party systems for external equipment control, transmission status and alerts, and much more.

LINK provides comprehensive cost center allocations, automated pricing, cancellation rate cards and invoicing capabilities. These features provide detailed business analysis and reporting capabilities that interface with external ERP systems.

These tools present detailed business analysis and reporting capabilities that interface with external ERP systems.

Heightened visibility of vendor resources, cost rate cards, automated purchase order creation and vendor goodnight notifications, as well as integrated trouble ticketing, are just a few more reasons that LINK is the system of choice for comprehensive management and cost control.

Customize with Modules

We believe in simplifying the orchestration of every process. ScheduALL offers a highly scalable suite of products and services to help you tailor our product to your business environment. We don’t just schedule resources...

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Advanced resource management offers heightened visibility of vendor resources, automated purchase order creation and vendor goodnight notifications.

  • Increases efficiencies by eliminating bandwidth allocation conflicts

  • Evaluates elements in a satellite or terrestrial network transmission

  • Eliminates mistakes assembling satellite and terrestrial transmissions

  • Improves rate of collection with automatic invoice creation

  • Enforces crucial operation center actions

  • Provides proactive feed alerts

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